Turning complainers into advocates – a step-by-step guide

Posted December 15th, 2016 by Edgar Probert

One of the common methods people do when vetting a business that they have never worked with before is by checking at the reviews or formal complaints about the business. Any business that works with a volume of customers over a period of time will have a complaint filed against them no matter how excellent you think your product or service is.

Large companies like Samsung and McDonalds have complaints files about something somewhere almost every day. A business that has never had a complaint filed against them probably has not been around very long or does not work with a large sector of the general public.

responding to complaints

Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean that having customers complaining is a good thing. On the contrary customers complaining can be a signal that you have a problem somewhere in your business or product. A problem in your business or product is not a good thing but becoming aware of that problem is indeed a very good thing.

One of the greatest things about knowing how to respond to customer complaints is that they allow you to see new features or other areas of value you can add to your products or services. If you want to know how to properly respond to complaints about your business, read this: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/marketing/tips-for-responding-to-complaints